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How to Find a Doctor Overseas

No one ever plans on getting sick while traveling, however, there are ways you can prepare in case the opportunity arises!

Plan Ahead

Whether deciding to go to a country for weeks if not months or taking a plane and heading there the day after you chose to, it is key to know your surroundings.

A quick look on google maps will allow you to look up the closest hospital near where you are staying or located for the day on the off chance something does occur.

Knowing this will immediately put your mind at ease in case you need to quickly seek help.

That being said

What if There’s No Doctor Near Me…

Whereas hospitals are located everywhere, it is smart to know where decent hospitals are in comparison.

Places that are more remote such as an island off of Greece, or such areas that are lower income such as Naples, know the surrounding cities and areas that may be a safer bet seeing as the medical care may not be the best or even available.

What if it is not a Medical Emergency?

For those of you who are not seeking urgent medical attention, it is still important to get checked.

By googling foreign-er doctors you will get a decent selection of doctors in your area who specialize in different insurances and languages.

Being able to seek them out will not only allow you to seek help quicker than if you were to be a patient, and also allow for the language barrier to never be a problem.

If the case arises they are not available, it is best to go see them in person and get a personal referral as to who they think could help you out in the area.

Issues with translation

If these actions are not obtainable, It would be in your best interest to get help from natives.

At least one person you will go and ask for help will be able to speak some form of English enough so to help you go in the right direction.

Whether this is a person you meet in a coffee shop, a person off of the Couchsurfing app, or an employee at a hostel or hotel, this will be incredibly helpful in finding where you’re needing to be to get better.

Make sure to take care of your health and body at all times and once you're done with that, go back to traveling!